Zonic Vision Office

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Type: Architecture and Interior Design
Program: Office, Café, Showroom, and Warehouse
Client: Zonic Vision Co.,Ltd.

Site Area: 735 sqm.
Built Area: 2,400 sqm.
Design: 2012
Completion: 2014
Construction Cost: 72M Baht

With the attempt to reveal the agenda of the building through its skin, Stu/D/O Architects treated the Zonic Vision Office incommensurate to its intelligible names, Zonic and Vision; by transforming this Sound System and GPS provider company to become tangible. In term of Zonic, it gave a clarified definition of audible wave having a speed approaching in the air, meanwhile interpreting the meaning of Vision as the faculty of sight. Architecture, finally, was delivered by conforming sound to vision using the concept of the Equalizer. To reach people perception, Stu/D/O Architects turned this dynamic electronic signal of sound frequency components into architecture by using various intensity of the glazing façade.

By designing this visualization, the glazing of Zonic Vision had been defined into three main categories; the transparent, the translucent, and the opaque. The three different characters were placed together at first glance of the building. Layering the different tenseness was determined by the usage functions of the space within. The duty of building was comprised of the commodity showroom, stock room, office space, meeting room and the cafe. The arrangement of façade composition was organized in order to reflect the different levels of privacy concealed within the building; the public space such as cafeteria and showroom with the transparent glass, the office and meeting roomwith the translucent skins, the private parts (the CEO office and the private garden) with the opaque. In addition, two compact spaces were concaved out from the form supposing to host small trees in order to create the better working environment. Throughout the day, this unique characteristic façade has reflected not just only the silhouette of each individual’s movement due to different activities performed underneath the cover, but also displayed the casting shade and shadow from the small trees shining reflective on the glass.

Stu/D/O Team:
Apichart Srirojanapinyo
Chanasit Cholasuek

Landscape Architect: Field Landscape Studio
Lighting Designer: Siriluck Chinsaengchai
Graphic Designer: Amnaj Suriyawongkul
Structural Engineer: B.N.G. Engineering
Mechanical Engineer: MEE Consultants
Consultants: Chanin Limapornvanich
Contractor: MKS Engineerings

Visualizer: Stu/D/O, DOF
Photography: Stu/D/O, Wison Tungthunya, Krisada Boonchaleow

2015 A+Awards, Jury Award, the Commercial: Office – Mid-Rise Category
2015 A+Awards, Popular Vote Award, the Commercial: Office – Mid-Rise Category
2014 ASA Citation Award