Trocadero Office

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Type: Architecture and Interior Design
Program: Office Building
Client: Trocadero Time

Site Area: 6,700 sqm.
Built Area: 1,200 sqm.
Design: 2014
Completion: 2017
Construction Cost: N/A

Trocadero Office is an office project consisting of working spaces, meeting rooms, cafe, watch repair center, and storage. As the main characters of the site are the irregular shape on its Eastern part and the Flamboyant trees that are scattering in it, the main idea for the project are to preserve the maximum number of trees and to solve the problem of the site’s shape.

Both the café and watch clinic is placed at the smaller front entrance for the ease of access by  visitors while the offices are located further into the larger open spaces towards the back. Due to the shape of the site, the placement of programs had become a compact and continuous strip on one side maintaining the openness and views from the private road on the other. The walls of the entrance leading to each main function such as the watch café and the offices are casted in concrete, acting as both a guide and an axis towards the interiors. Therefore, the curve facade sweeps through the site, creating a smooth entrance sequence to all functions of the site. The negative spaces between the curve façade and the mass of the program within it became open private courtyards for the office and boundaries for large trees that were preserved.

Stu/D/O Team:
Apichart Srirojanapinyo
Chanasit Cholasuek
Picsacha Na Songkhla

Landscape Architect: Field Landscape Studio
Identity Designer: Mean More Mind
Structural Engineer: Ittipon Konjaisue
Mechanical Engineer: MEE Consultants
Consultants: PACNS
Contractor: Sittanant

Visualizer: Stu/D/O, DOF
Photography: Stu/D/O